Hobart's Social Enterprise Cafe

A group of Hamlet's participants standing outside the cafe next to the wall mural that reads 'It takes a Village'. The participants are smiling for a photo with their hands in the air.

Why we exist:

Tasmania has the highest rates of people living with a disability in the country and this group are 3 times more likely to be unemployed.

People living with disability are not well represented in the Tourism and Hospitality industry and we want to see that change.

For an industry that has relatively low barriers to entry, we believe there is a great opportunity to address skills shortages that exist in Tasmania and create brokered employment opportunities for people living with disability. We want to see our industry embrace inclusive hiring and work practices and explore opportunities with graduates from our training programs.

“I learnt a lot of skills at Hamlet which helped build my confidence. I’m currently working at MONA, I was lucky to get that employment through Hamlet”

Luke Morris, Hamlet Graduate

Creating Opportunities with Every Order

Hamlet is a registered charity that exists to empower people who are underrepresented in the workforce, with a focus on people living with disability.

We deliver targeted training and work readiness support to people facing barriers to employment, with a focus on people living with disability, allowing them to build independence, reconnect to their community and improve their chances of securing employment outcomes.

Our approach is to question the structures that prevent underrepresented Tasmanians from participating in the workforce. We work with the community and industry to create inclusive workplaces and lasting change so that everyone is able to contribute and feel valued for their contribution.

Hamlet operates in the Tourism and Hospitality sector, an industry which has been experiencing significant skills shortages and one in which people living with disability are considerably underrepresented.

We deliver this training by operating a number of social enterprises in the Tourism and hospitality industry including a cafecatering and condiments business.

Our Participants

Our participants are supported by a diverse team of hospitality professionals. Our team are focussed on providing a welcoming atmosphere and building the confidence of our participants while delivering great experiences for our customers.

Hamlet's participant Daniel standing at the counter wearing a black shirt and holding a cup of coffee.


I might get confused from time to time, but I’ll always have a smile on my face
Hamlet's participant Liam is smiling for a photo in the kitchen standing next to a large bowl of chopped cucumber.


I find it easier to talk to people and I’m less anxious
Hamlet's participant Jack smiling for a photo in front of a chipboard wall wearing a black shirt.


I had no idea that getting a job was not an easy task
Hamlet's participant Sophie smiling for a photo standing at the coffee machine frothing milk.


Anxiety has been replaced with excitement for my future.

2021 Training program participant

Apply for our Training Program

We deliver hands on hospitality training and workplace readiness support to people facing barriers to employment with a focus on people living with disability.

Our training is delivered at our social enterprise café which means our participants can build skills in a real workplace environment.

Partners and Sponsors

Corporate Support

Social procurement that makes an impact in our community. By supporting Hamlet you’re helping to change the systems that prevent underrepresented Tasmanians from participating in work and community.