our food.

our food.

We source local and sustainable produce

Hamlet’s food philosophy follows the basic ideals that Hamlet was built on: connecting with community. We believe that by connecting with local growers wherever possible, and encouraging conversations around best food practice, we are fostering a strong local community. We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be in Tasmania, with access to amazing, fresh, locally grown produce and farmers who really care about the impact they are having on our land.

We believe it takes a village to create social change. It also takes that village to feed the people who walk through our doors everyday. We aim to use as much locally sourced, seasonal produce as possible and with this in mind our chefs are constantly inspired to try out new food to delight the taste buds of our customers.

Some of our amazing growers and suppliers include

Provenance Growers, Harvest Feast, Hobart Milk Factory, Pigeon Whole Bakery, Suzie Lam, Zimmah Coffee, Longley Organic Farm, Cradoc Hill Butchery, The Art of Tea, Little Wood Farm, Tongola Goat Farm, Golden Free Range Eggs, Hill Farm Produce.

Our menu changes pretty regularly but here are a few sample menu’s to give you an idea of what we might have on offer.

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We believe the effect you have on others
is the most valuable currency there is.