Hamlet + MONA

Hamlet trainees now have the opportunity to secure employment at MONA’s food and beverage venues, thanks to a new partnership established between Hamlet and MONA.

We recognise that there are significant skill gaps in the hospitality industry, and our dedicated trainees help fill those gaps. We’re smashing the perfect employee myth and our participants are a true testament to this, with four of our graduates securing jobs at MONA.

In the spotlight talking about their experiences were two of those graduates, Alex and Luke.

Alex describes her new job as ‘life changing,’ and she looks forward to going to work each day – particularly when it’s busy!

Luke has landed at Faro, where he is enjoying getting to know the staff.

“Hamlet’s trainees help fill the skills gap and they are some of the best staff hospitality businesses could hope to hire.”

– Emily Briffa | Hamlet CEO / Co – Founder