Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hamlet, we believe that social responsibility and business go hand in hand. Every day, we see the energy, joy and positivity that Hamlet brings to individuals and the businesses that engage with us on our mission.

Discover how partnering with us can drive your business in a positive direction, create a lasting impact in the community, and enhance your corporate ethos.

Corporate Catering

At Hamlet, every platter served is a step towards empowering underrepresented Tasmanians in the hospitality industry and beyond. By choosing Hamlet catering, you’re not only selecting great tasting, quality food but also contributing directly to a cause that nurtures and empowers.

We’ll handle everything from prep to set up to ensure your next event is a stand out.

Corporate Gifting

A Hamlet Condiment Co Hamper is the perfect gift for clients or staff. A gift that tastes good and makes an impact on in our community.

Lovingly gift boxed, our hampers are a small way to show your employees or clients that you care.

We have a range of items that can be included in your hampers including our house made preserves, jams and sauces, Hamlet tote bags, tea towels, socks and gift cards.

Corporate Volunteering

Embrace a unique team-building experience and help us create impact with every order.

In our Hamlet kitchen, you’ll not only forge stronger connections with your colleagues but also work alongside our skilled chefs and participants from our hospitality training programs to prepare meals for Hobart City mission’s safe night space program, a 24 hour service for people who are experiencing homelessness in Hobart.

Empower Through Employment

At Hamlet, we provide training and employment opportunities to underrepresented Tasmanians.

We work to provide a space that allows individuals to feel safe and supported as they learn new skills that will ready them for employment in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Your business can play a vital role in this journey. Work with us, and together, let’s create opportunities with every order.

Grow Your Business Impact

Aligning with Hamlet sends a message about your brand’s values and commitment to societal change and progress.

It says you’re committed to empowering individuals who feel underrepresented in the workforce, and supporting them on their journey.

We offer various partnership opportunities, from sponsorships to corporate gifting, each an opportunity to grow your social footprint and community impact.

Give Back with a Sense of Purpose

Encourage your employees to contribute positively to the community through volunteer programs and initiatives at Hamlet.

There’s nothing quite as powerful as working together to make a difference outside of the office.

Fuel a workplace environment that values giving back, and watch it drive your team’s morale and sense of purpose.

Ready to Make a Difference?

Embrace your corporate social responsibility and become a positive change maker in the corporate world. Connect with Hamlet today, and let’s work to drive our mutual impact.