Today’s Menu

Meyer Lemon Cake

poppy seeds, yoghurt V


    Avocado toast

    leaves, hemp seed, red pepper dressing GFO VGO



      buttered leek, parmesan, chive, toast GFO, V


        Red Pepper Eggs

        soft boiled eggs, chickpeas, labneh, fermented red peppers GFO


          Eggs Vadouvan

          two fried eggs, cultured curry butter, parmesan, toast GFO, V


            Buckwheat Galette

            delicata, ricotta, sage, parmesan, egg GFO, V


              Pan Fried Mushroom Bun

              fried egg, crispy chilli oil, coriander V


                Preserved Summer Tomato Soup

                caponata, garlic focaccia, parmesan GF, VGO


                  Harissa Chicken Flatbread

                  tahini yoghurt, fennel, herb salad


                    Fried Lamb Pie

                    spiced yoghurt, cabbage, tomatillo



                      • Bacon


                      • Kimchi


                      • Hashbrown


                      • Pickles


                      • Leaves


                      Meet our Participants

                      Hamlet's participant Sophie smiling for a photo standing at the coffee machine frothing milk.


                      Anxiety has been replaced with excitement for my future.

                      2021 Training program participant

                      Hamlet's participant Clayton serving a meal and smiling for a photo.


                      I feel like I am treated just like everyone else. They made me feel like a part of the team.

                      2020 Training program participant

                      Hamlet's participant Alex is smiling for a photo at the counter wearing a black t-shirt and glasses and holding onto a takeaway cup and cookie.


                      Alex’s self confidence sky rocketed

                      2016 Training program participant