our program.

our program.

At Hamlet, we know there’s more to getting a job than having a piece of paper.

We give participants in our program practical experience because we want them to gain the skills and confidence needed to get a job.

We help build pathways to assist those facing barriers to employment while creating a space for individuals from the community to connect with one another. We offer work experience programs in our café and kitchen for those wanting to gain hands on work experience. Our programs are also designed to support people who are experiencing social, cultural or language barriers, connecting individuals with one another, within our wonderful community.

Fill out the application form below or feel free to get in contact for further information about the program at volunteer@hamlet.org.au with any further questions.

We warmly welcome you to drop in and check out our little village any time too.

We believe the effect you have on others
is the most valuable currency there is.